Glitter Leia Goes to Comic-Con by Kathryn McAllister

Glitter Leia Goes to Comic-Con by Kathryn McAllister

At DKB we love to hear stories from our clients and squad about the way they have brought a little sparkle to peoples lives using our glitter! We hope you enjoy this lovely story about how Kathryn used glitter and inspiration to honor an actress she admired and a character she loves as well as bring some sparkle and light to the world around her! 

"Last year, I went as Princess Leia to Seattle Comic-Con, slightly heartbroken that Carrie Fisher had passed away and wouldn't be attending the convention. Princess Leia had always represented something special to me, a bravery and a spirit that stayed close to my heart. In the process of dressing up as her, I put on more makeup than I had in years, and realized how much I enjoyed this form of visual creativity.

Last summer, I got married. In the time leading up to the big day, I realized I didn’t trust anyone else to do my makeup. I embarked on a crash-course in how to work with makeup (thank you Internet tutorials, you saved me!)

From there, I started an Instagram page to complete 100 consecutive days of colourful looks. It pushed me to try things I’d never thought of before. One of those was glitter.

I’ve never been a girly girl. But then I read about Carrie Fisher and her love of glitter. How she struggled with mental illness and used to anoint herself and her fans with glitter to bring some light into a dark place. The sparkle and shimmer of glitter started to seem like something that was missing from my beauty arsenal.

Then I heard of Dear Katie Brown. Her philosophy of kindness, creativity, and of course glitter sounded warm and inspiring. Somehow my application to join her Glitter Squad was approved, and I found myself in possession of the Shiny Misfits collectionIt applied simply, and came off remarkable easily. What’s more, it made people happy.       


The first time I went out with my friends with my magnetic palette in my purse, one of the girls asked what glitter I was wearing. I pulled it out to show her, and next thing I knew she was giddy as she looked at her sparkly lids in the mirror. By the end of the night, at least six more people had seen my glitter and asked, shyly, if they could try as well. It was simple. It was fun. It made people feel good.

My new husband shook his head lovingly and called me the Fairy Squadmother. And thus the idea was born.

“Have you figured out what you’re going as for Comic-Con this year?” My sister asks.

I hesitate.

“I’m going to be Glitter Leia.”

A few months later, I am at the hotel room in Seattle, while my sister teases my red hair into the classic Leia buns. After applying a dark smoky eye with my Modern Renaissance palette, I add careful layers of glitter. The young woman looking back at me is transformed. She glows.

On the convention floor, I am surrounded by waves of creative people in a rainbow of costumes. Our Mum looks around in awe, her first time at a convention.

Faced with the overwhelming crowds, I realize I want just a little more glitter. I duck into the washroom, finding a quiet corner and applying iridescence along my cheekbones.

“Space Mom!”

I turn around. Another young woman in a cartoon Star Wars T-shirt smiles. “I love your costume! Is that your real hair?”

I smile back. “It sure is! I’m actually Glitter Leia today…” I explain about Carrie Fisher and glitter, and am met with delight. I take a breath. Time to start my mission. “Would you like some glitter?”

We walk out of the bathroom a few minutes later, all sparkly.

From there, the day turns into a haze of famous people, panels, beautiful art and trinkets made by talented people, and glitter. Not every time, and never in a pushy way, but when, say, people stop to compliment my costume, or while purchasing a multicoloured pair of striped stockings, I ask the question.

“Would you like some glitter?”

Most people say yes please, from die-hard glitter fans to people who have never tried it before. With a little mirror from my purse, I let them choose and apply, suggesting only that they dab their finger in carefully and let the excellent formula do the work.

“This is so easy to use! Where did you get this?”

All the end results are unique to the individual, from a dainty dusting on the lids to multilayered swooping wings. I feel like Carrie Fisher would approve.

Towards the end of the day, we are walking slowly through the big hall full of vendors, marveling at all the stuff for sale. We are tired, but we don't want to leave.

We walk past a family, all yellow skin and blue hair. They’ve really committed to their Simpsons cosplay! I smile, and then stop as the little girl waves excitedly.

The girl, we’ll call her Lisa after her cosplay, presses buttons on the communications screen in front of her wheelchair while her mother interprets.

Lisa looks up at me, and gives me the biggest grin I’ve ever seen. I recognize in her eyes the same love for Princess Leia I’ve had since I was her age.

I lean down so she can see my buns, show her my space-themed leggings and shiny belt. Then I tell her that I’m actually a glittery version of her hero, and ask the question.

“Would you like some glitter?”

She nods fervently, and her mother helps by choosing a deep blue shade and applying it down the side of her cheek. I show her in the little mirror. Lisa looks triumphant. 

Fairy Squadmother, indeed."

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